RSKWP Load binder/Lashing

This load binder, newly developed by pewag, stands for safety at the highest level. It is suitable for direct lashing as well as for frictional lashing (always take note of the STF value) in the pewag winner pro Connex system. The slot on the the lever snaps into place either between two nubs or over one nub, and the added safety catch ensures that the load binder remains in the correct position, offering double safety for the user as the unintended loosening of the lashing assembly is prevented. The flat design, obtained by folding down the lever, reduces the risk of injuries for users and prevents them from getting caught in the assembly. The load binder also comes with several additional advantages: it is easy to store and to transport and also offers theft protection as it may be locked using a separate shackle lock. The long tension range makes the load binder particularly easy to use, as the chain may be shortened and tensioned with a minimum amount of force. Thanks to the open system, the safety catch and the thread condition are easy to check and maintain as needed. The RSKWP load binder is manufactured according to EN 12195‑3 with the mechanical values for G12 and comes with a full operating manual. Note: The RSKWP load binder may also be used for lifting operations. Please contact the pewag customer service for more information.

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